Our expertise spans a broad range of services.

After meticulously analyzing each project from the ground up, we recommend and design systems that assure structural integrity, resolve issues that could cause problems along the way, and consistently meet the needs and requirements of our clients. From evaluating pre-existing conditions to historic renovations to quality construction, Hunter Structural offers the breadth of experience that has earned us a sterling reputation. Our core services include:

Structural Engineering and Design
For projects up to $55 million, we prepare structural design documents for construction with a high attention to detail and coordination that’s our benchmark for success. Our goal is always to provide our clients with creative and appropriate solutions for the structural systems of their project.

Renovation of Existing Structure/Seismic Retrofitting
Do you need to renovate or repurpose an existing structure? With more than 30 years of experience working with historic renovations and re-use of existing facilities, we’re here to help.

Construction Administration
We provide construction site visits and observation and are happy to work with your construction contractor to complete projects on-time and within budget.

Structural Investigation and Forensic Analysis
We assure the expertise needed to identify, correct, and prevent problems that may arise and determine what went wrong. We also leverage this experience to create new structural designs.